Monetary Dispute


A broke Italian father in Treviso, northern Italy, is suing his two sons for refusing to lend him 80 euro ($89). The father, who is in his 80s, appealed to his two sons complaining that his pension was not enough to cover his living costs.

“I have a pension of 600 euro a month,” the father reportedly said to his sons. “But I spend 300 euro on rent. With the rest I can’t make it to the end of the month. Help me out. I need less than 80 euro from each of you. With 160 euro more per month I will manage to scrape a living in a dignified way.”

But his sons reportedly denied his request, telling their father to simply figure it out himself. Unsatisfied by their response, the father then took the extraordinary step of seeking legal advice. His lawyer, Fabio Capraro told him that he was within his rights to sue his sons for violating their family obligations, according to both civil and criminal law.


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