Love Letters Inside Juliette Statue

julietHundreds of love letters and keys to the popular “lovelocks” have been found inside a bronze statue of Shakespeare’s heroine Juliet in the northern city of Verona.

The statue, created by Nereo Costantini in 1969, was removed from its original location in the courtyard of Juliet’s House in February 2014 due to wear and tear after years of exposure to the elements and “assaults” by the broken hearted and incurably romantic.

Now, artists who were tasked with restoring the statue and casting a copy to replace the original say many of these pilgrims in love had stuffed notes, letters and other items through the several cracks in the bronze, completely filling the space inside.

The copy of the famed statue is now in place in the courtyard of Juliet’s House, while the original is housed inside.

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