Italy’s 350 Million Dollar Passenger Tram That Can’t Carry Passengers

The southern Italian city of Palermo has just spent millions on a tram that can’t actually pick up any passengers. The new tram took eight years and $350 million to complete, and is finally up and running – but there’s a hitch. At present time it’s a passenger-less local tram, making its daily 8 mile journey (and stopping faithfully at each stop), but without a single passenger able to board. City authorities have not yet made decided who should be in charge of running and financing the new service.

The city’s mayor, Leoluca Orlando, had told residents the tram service would be up and running by the end of 2015, and with very little time left to make good on that promise, he has said he will resign if no agreement is reached. The holdup is who will fund $25 million annual operating expense of the trams.

The tram cars, which are white with blue seats, were delivered by Austrian manufacturer Bombardier all the way back in 2011. There is no word as to whether Mayor Orlando has made alternate employment plans (yet).

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