Italian Lesson of the Week 1/23/14

Parliamo del futuro!

Future Expressions

Being comfortable with the present tense has tremendous advantages for conversational confidence—as you already have seen, you can use the present tense to talk about the following:

Things that are happening right now:

We are writing = scriviamo

Things that happen in general:

We write = scriviamo

Now you will see that you can also use the present tense to talk about almost anything in the future, all you need to do is throw in a “future expression.” You already know some:

• stasera
• domani
• domani sera • più tardi

• Andiamo al cinema domani
• Fa il lavoro più tardi
• Finiscono il progetto domani sera

There is a future tense to learn (scriverò = I will write; scriveremo = we will write), but for now you can just use the present tense followed by a future expression to talk about things in the future.

Translate the following:

  1. You (voi) are going to Napoli next week:
  2. She’sreturningtomorrowmorning:
  3. I’mstudyinginRomenextmonth:
  4. They’rebuyingthecarnextFriday:
  5. Whereareyou(tu)washing(lavare)thecartomorrow?


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