Italian Lesson #52

Italian words you hear dappertutto…everywhere! (ecco, allora, prego, dunque)

When we first learned “ecco” it was translated to mean “here is” or “here are;” while those are the principle translations of this helpful verb expression, you will hear it in many other contexts and some of its meanings can be as follows:

Ecco: Here we go!
Ecco: You see!
Ecco: There you go  (used as encouragement).
Ecco: Here we are.

So don’t be surprised to hear ecco all over the place. Ecco!

The same applies for “allora”

Allora: So…
Allora: Anyway…
Allora: Therefore…
Allora: Anyhow…

The same applies for “prego”

Prego: You’re welcome.
Prego: Be my guest!
Prego: Go right ahead.

There are many other “omnipresent” words—dunque, qunidi, comunque, va bene—as soon as you hear one frequently enough, look it up, start asking about it, and start using it all the time!

These are some of the many “flavoring particles” of the bella lingua, so apply them liberally!


Practice the words above with some passione, and repeat the following practice set on the verb piacere:

Mi piace:
I like (it)

Non mi piace:
I don’t like (it)

Ti piace:
You (inf.) like

Non ti piace:
 You don’t like

Mi piace parlare Italiano

non mi piace viaggiare

Ti piace Roma?

Non ti piace il caffé?”

Mi piace la pizza

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