Italian Food Pronunciation Guide

We’ve received many favorable responses to our Cronaca Italiana inclusion of Five Things that Drive Italians Nuts, so here is a guide to the pronunciation of 16 Italian foods guaranteed to drive you nuts!

  1. Amatriciana (ah-mah-tree-CHANAH)
  2. Antipasto (ahn-tee-PAHS-tow)
  3. Bolognese (boh-lon-NYEH-zeah)
  4. Braesaola (bra-sol-AW)
  5. Bruscetta (broo-SKEH-tah)
  6. Carpaccio (kar-PAHT-cho)
  7. Cioppino (chip-PEE-no)
  8. Frutti di Mare (froo-ty dee mar-eh)
  9. Gnocchi (inyaw-kee)
  10. Mascarpone (maskahr-PO-nay)
  11. Minestrone (min-e-STRO-ne)
  12. Mozzarella (motz-a-rel-la)
  13. Pasta e fagioli (pah-sta eh fazh-e-ohl-eh)
  14. Pizzaiolo (peet-sah-yolo)
  15. Porchetta (poor-KETT-ah)
  16. Prosciutto (pro-SHOOT-to)

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