Heels Banned

A secondary school in Italy’s Abruzzo region has found the perfect excuse to change its policy on footwear – banning high heels, flip-flops and platform shoes because of the area’s high seismic risk.

“The directive is not the fruit of some overly puritanical imagination, but comes down to the need to educate students about safety, especially in an area of high seismic activity,” Anna Amanzi, headmistress of L’Instituto Technico Industriale in Avezzano said.

Teachers said they disagreed with the decision but would reluctantly follow new guidelines.

In spite of the new prescriptive rules on footwear not going down well with students and staff, the earthquake risk in the area is very real. The region of L’Aquila still bears the scars of a series of quakes that struck in 2009, killing 286 people across the province. In 1915, a massive earthquake devastated the town of Avezzano, killing 30,000 people.

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