Italian Tribune Goes into the Travel Business

Over the years, one of the features in the Italian Tribune that has attracted the greatest interest from our readers has been The Publisher’s Tour. Each year the group of travelers set out on a fascinating, first-class experience to major cities and lesser-known locales within Italy.

For many years, Publisher Buddy Fortunato has received countless requests for information about where to visit in Italy, what hotels provide the finest accommodations, what should be included in the itinerary – the must-see sights as well as the shopping tips and what products should be purchased during a stay in this fabulous country. As the leading English language Italian newspaper in the U.S., a natural extension for the Tribune was to use its experience and expertise to create Fortunate Travel – a company that will put your dream trips together at an affordable price. The new company will leverage the expertise of the Tribune and tie it in with the launch of another exciting venture…

It has long been a dream of Buddy to share his vision and knowledge of Italy – its culture, cuisine and life-style with the true Italophile – those who wish to eat, drink, dress and travel Italian-style. He began to develop the concept for an online site that would provide videos about travel to Italy, about Italian fashion, life-style and cooking. In short – a site that would be the premier web-destination for all of these components and more. The name for the concept is Living Italian. In the coming months, Living Italian will launch its components on cooking, fashion and cosmetics; allowing visitors to the website to view how to prepare authentic dishes, to see the latest fashions, to see the places in Italy that the Tribune has written about for many years. These videos will be devoted to those who want to live Italian. In addition, Living Italian will bring to its visitors an online Specialty Food and Wine Guide. This will allow you to order and experience authentic Italian specialty products from our partners in Italy and importers in the U.S. This promises to be a unique opportunity that will bring to you hard to locate items – those that you have longed for since your last trip to Italy and many that you’ll want to sample and enjoy for the first time. Look for further announcements in upcoming issues of the Italian Tribune.

Through the Italian Tribune, we are pleased to announce the launch of Fortunate Travel. Now you will have the opportunity to experience the locations, hotels and itinerary selected by the Publisher and immerse yourself in a visit to Italy in a way that few travelers experience.

Our fully escorted tours will have our travelers stay in hotels selected specifically for the quality and value that each has demonstrated throughout the many years of the Publisher’s Tour. Your experience will be well within financial reach, since we are making our tours available at very reasonable prices with air travel originating out of Newark and New York JFK.

We will be offering our initial tours for the months of September and October – two of the most glorious months of the year to visit Italy. The weather is ideal – warm and sunny, plus the summer crowds are gone – a perfect recipe for a dream of a trip.

Fortunate Travel is pleased to have Rosario Mariani as the administrator of our tours. Mr. Mariani has more than 45 years of experience in the travel industry and is the former Director of Alitalia USA and Club ABC Tours, as well as the former Vice Chairman for the Italian Travel Promotional Council (ITPC). A native of Italy, his travel experience and knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed. This creates a unique opportunity for our travelers to visit and experience Italy.

Fortunate Travel will offer trips for both the first-time visitor to Italy and the experienced traveler. For those who have never experienced the splendors of Italy, we offer the Capital Tour, which includes stays in the must-see cities of Florence, Rome and Venice.

Future Tours will include:
Unknown Italy, our Southern Tour and our Tour to the Amalfi Coast and Naples.
We will also customize trips based on our traveler’s desires. Let our expert planners prepare your trip of a lifetime for destination weddings, personal heritage tours or just to see Italy in a way that few have experienced, but all would desire.

Call the Italian Tribune (973) 860-0101 or Rosario Mariani (914) 309-4464 | For more information and itinerary click below.

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