Fine for Stealing Sicilian Rocks

Authorities in Sicily have started slamming tourists with a 500 euro ($665) fine if they try to steal rocks from the island’s famous Stair of the Turks.

Tourists visiting the bright white rocks in Realmonte, on Sicily’s southern coast, have reportedly been robbing the stone to such an extent that local authorities have been compelled to take action. Anyone now caught stealing a piece of “souvenir” stone will now be fined 500 euro.

“There will be help from the provincial police to make sure the rule is respected on all of the Stair of the Turks,” Realmonte Mayor Piero Puccio said. “A municipal police officer, two auxiliary agents and a number of volunteers from the Committee for the Protection of the Stair of the Turks will also be involved.”

Sicily is not the only place in Italy to fall victim to sticky-fingered tourists. Earlier this year a visitor to Rome’s Colosseum was caught with a piece of the ancient site stuffed in her backpack.

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