Dyslexia Early Detection

061815-cronaca-2Thanks to a genetic marker, an Italian study is expected to allow speedy diagnosis of a form of dyslexia caused by alteration in the DCDC2 gene, which disturbs vision.

“Until today, dyslexia was diagnosed only when noticed a learning delay and other causes are excluded. This slows things down any form of intervention a lot, sometimes for years,” said Guido Marco Cicchini of the Institute of Neurosciences of the National Research Council in Pisa. “To discover a genetic and physiological marker radically changes the perspective. In the future, diagnosing this kind of dyslexia could be much simpler and earlier.”

The Dcdc2 is part of a restricted family of genes linked to dyslexia. It already is known that 20% of dyslexics have an alteration in Dcdc2, but the role of the gene until now remained unclear.

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