Dog Digs Up WWII Grenade

Dog-owners are used to their pets bringing home small souvenirs, ranging from balls to the odd stick. But last week a home-owner in Velletri, a town in the province of Rome, had the fright of her life when a dog left a World War II hand grenade on her doorstep.

A group of children had been playing outside when the dog made its explosive find. The puppy, which belonged to one of the children, had run off into the woods and emerged soon afterwards with a strange object between its jaws. Fortunately, the children did not touch it and the dog deposited it on the doorstep of the house. Realizing almost immediately that the object could be a grenade, the woman alerted police, who subsequently called in the army’s bomb squad who secured the area before removing the grenade. It will now be disposed of in an isolated location. The grenade, which dates from World War II was perfectly intact with the fuse still attached.

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