Cronaca – July 20, 2017

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A Concert in the Clouds

An Italian musician gave the world’s highest piano concert at the top of a mountain. Musician Elisa Tomellini climbed the Monte Rosa mountain massif on foot, to a height of over 14,700 feet, while her grand piano was flown in by helicopter. The Genoa native has travelled around the world to pursue her love of climbing, while also winning national awards for her piano-playing. The rather extreme setting for the concert allowed Elisa to combine her two of her passions. Despite her experience in mountaineering, the musician said that performing on the mountainside made her feel “small in comparison to nature.” Temperatures on the mountain were 5°F while Tomellini played, plus it was a windy day. She played the full concert despite wearing gloves.





Michelangelo’s River God Revealed

A statue of a river god by Michelangelo has been restored after lying neglected in a basement storeroom below Casa Buonarroti in Florence for some 50 years. The fragile statue, whose bronze coating was removed to allow the deteriorated earthenware structure to be restored to its original marble over the course of three years, will soon be displayed in a major Renaissance show at Palazzo Strozzi. Ultimately, it will be housed at Florence’s Academy of Art and Design. The restoration took place at Florence’s elite restoration workshop, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure and was funded by Friends of Florence Foundation.

Standing on History

Tourists visiting Pompeii last week were amazed, as an archaeologist asked a group to move to the side of a shop on Via dell’Abbondanza in the center of the ancient Roman city. To their amazement, the young archaeologist immediately began digging and discovered a small terracotta amphora. Last year four skeletons and gold coins were discovered in the ruins of a different shop. It seems that Pompeii reveals its secrets slowly and we can only imagine what else will be uncovered in the future.

Gluten-free Controversy

The Catholic Church recently released its interpretation of the gluten-free movement. It announced that the communion hosts that are gluten-free are invalid, sparking concern among celiac sufferers. Only days later, the Italian Celiac Association AIC said that it is possible for Catholics afflicted with the autoimmune disease to take low-gluten wafers at Communion while respecting their health and their faith. The Church then clarified its view that the totally gluten-free wafers are the only ones in question. Low gluten content hosts can be received at communion without any risk to their health. The statement also called on priests to be especially attentive and appealed to the clergy to be especially attentive with children celiac sufferers and ensure they do not feel different during communion. In fact the Church recommended that all the children taking part in a First Communion and Confirmation ceremony be given low gluten wafers if a celiac sufferer is taking part, to avoid highlighting that the child is different to the faithful present.

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