Colosseum to Begin to Host Events Again

Italy’s culture minister Dario Franceschini has set the stage for events to take place within the walls of the Colosseum. He spoke at an event to celebrate the first complete cleanup of the amphitheater’s walls – a project that saw scaffolding put up for more than two years as restorers scrubbed away with brushes and water. Now the archaeologists have since moved inside and will restore the passages and underground vaults, while a new visitor center will be moved outside the amphitheater. The location has been proposed as a venue for athlete parades and medal ceremonies as part of Rome’s possible 2024 Olympic bid. The nearby Circus Maximus, Rome’s ancient chariot racing ground, was hired by the Rolling Stones in 2014 and later this month will host Bruce Springsteen. While Franceschini did not detail the type of events to be allowed at the Colosseum, his approach suggested theatrical performances would be more likely than rock concerts.

The Colosseum restoration has been funded to the tune of 25 million euros by the billionaire Diego Della Valle, owner of the luxury brand Tod’s.

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