Liver Saves Two Children

A one-year-old girl and a sixteen-year-old boy were both the recipients of a liver transplanted from the same donor. The..

Life Expectancy Rises

Life expectancy in Italy is increasing and Italians also place seventh in the world for the longest lives without disability,..

The Key to Dancing

Italian researchers have discovered that the key to dancing in a couple with rhythm and synchronicity lies in a specific..

My Favorites by Joe Favorito

Busy Summer For Soccer Biz? Kickin’ It With Charlie Stillitano… Charlie Stillitano is currently the chairman of Relevent Sports, the..

Monetary Dispute

A broke Italian father in Treviso, northern Italy, is suing his two sons for refusing to lend him 80 euro..

Hunting Dark Matter

A team of physicists at the Gran Sasso particle physics laboratory in the Abruzzo region have inaugurated DarkSide-50, a “high-tech..

Tech Giant

Tech Giant

“Mr. Candy Crush,” Riccardo Zacconi came in 10th in the Financial Times’s latest list of top European tech entrepreneurs. Zacconi,..

Physics Revolution

The CERN particle physics lab has started a forthcoming “revolution” in physics with the first 13 trillion electronvolts atom smashing..