Buddy’s Blog 2/20/14

I purposely did not comment about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s political problems until now because I, like you, was interested to see if there was more to the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge as political revenge. To this point, I am not aware of anything I really did not expect.

It was obvious to me the Democratic controlled legislature would try to stretch the investigation as long as possible to do as much political damage to Gov. Christie. If he was forced to defend himself at home in New Jersey his attractiveness as a national candidate would be damaged. Also, his no nonsense approach to governing, government and press conferences would be remembered by those with the pen who experienced the Christie wrath or had a different political philosophy.

A case in point is an article which appeared in the New York Daily News written by Stanley Crouch, a black man, who obviously carried a pen filled with ethnic and personal slurs that were anxious to be put to paper. In a piece containing a reference to Tony Soprano, calling him a would-be wise guy, a political pachyderm and that he will enjoy seeing Christie end his career “in the smokehouse, feet tied above his head.”

I am not defending Gov. Christie, as I want to make that perfectly clear. Something incredibly stupid was done and it happened on “his watch.” I, at this time, do not feel the order for the bridge closing came from Christie. I do feel, though, that someone with great authority gave the order.

As for Mr. Crouch, I can only say that if I wrote an article with similar statements about a black man, I would be called a racist.

I believe the “shoe fits” perfectly for Mr. Crouch.

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