Buddy’s Blog 12/04/14

Did you see the news about the 15 year old young Muslim girl who was severely beaten by her Muslim father and brothers because she was behaving “too Western”?

This took place in the region of the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. The father, who had lived in Italy for 20 years, realized that the Italian police were going to charge him with child abuse and he bolted out of Italy back to Morocco with the girl. The Italian authorities had a very good case, for the young lady had checked herself into the hospital for treatment for head trauma and extensive damage to her face, shoulder and ribs.

I ask over and over, “why do you want to live someplace if you chose not to live by its culture, laws and dress?” The Muslim community, it appears, has an assimilation problem, no matter what country they choose to live in. This is not a recent occurrence but one that is common throughout history, and if national leaders are not learning from yesterday I fear for our tomorrows.


For the first time ever in Italy, the work of famed American artist Norman Rockwell will go on display in a museum in Rome. His most famous works consisting of 100 paintings, photos and documents and all of the 323 original covers he made between 1916 and 1963 for the Saturday Evening Post will be featured. I hope Rockwell’s insight into American society will be appreciated by the Italians, for I know of no other American artist who has depicted America through illustrated observations as well as Normal Rockwell.


It is a pity that the administration of President Barak Obama freely takes “cheap shots” when it is on the wrong side of issues, or tries to justify critical policies. Such is the case of the resignation of US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. I believe the treatment afforded Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is most indicative of this Presidency and his inner circle. The White House has tried to make Hagel the reason for our foreign policy problems, but actually this administration has overseen and created one of the worst plans I have ever seen. It was Hagel who defined the Islamic State as the greatest threat in the Mideast, while Obama was painting them as the “junior varsity.” Hagel also criticized the President for failing in areas like the Middle East, Ukraine, and for being slow to recognize a newly aggressive China. Hagel never penetrated the President’s inner circle and this is unfortunate because in my opinion they are the junior varsity.

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