Buddy’s Blog 06/25/15

I am not a fan of New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio, in fact, I think he is incapable of leading and governing the nation’s largest city. When in his socialistic wisdom he opened the city to undocumented and non-citizenry by issuing I.D. cards to them, which made them eligible for benefits, I really had to wonder why New Yorkers are not standing in opposition. The I.D. card is an affront to those American citizens and the immigrants who adhere to the legal immigration process.

Mayor deBlasio has forgotten that he has a responsibility to his legal residents. I am not a hawk or a dove…a conservative or a liberal, but rather “call them as I see them.” What is happening to this great country? Why do so many want to abdicate their own responsibility to stand and fight for the American way? I watch the laws of our nation broken by those who are still given the benefit of being a citizen, even though they are not, by apologists. How can one really appreciate the greatest country in the world when one has taken an illegal approach to the life they are living?

I find it interesting there is support for these I.D. cards and yet a card which would prove one’s legal right to vote is met, by some, with opposition. One card is for those illegally here and the other will prevent fraud. Guess which one is being implemented in New York City?

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Is the only way New Jersey knows how to create jobs is to build a casino? It would appear that way to me. It is also obvious that New Jersey never correctly utilized gaming as a tool to develop Atlantic City and its surrounding area. If anything, the State naively prevented many experienced developers from investing in the State by over regulation.

I mention this because there is a typical thoughtless movement underway by legislators to locate casino gaming in northern New Jersey. Yes, I know there are potential jobs, but Atlantic City had definite jobs and how many white elephants are there now? With all of the rushing about to expand gaming I have yet to hear how Atlantic City will be affected, and that is a shame. The people in Trenton have not learned there exists only a certain amount of recreational dollars and they must be developed wisely.

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