“Big Cheese” or “Big Wheel”

Are you a “Big Cheese” or a “Big Wheel” amongst your business friends?

Either way, the terms of envious respect originated in medieval times for those who could afford to purchase an entire wheel of cheese instead of just a few grams at a time. Expense was an issue and only the wealthy and powerful could show off.

It is not any different today.  Just for your information, a wheel of Parmigiano weighing 80 pounds, 18 inches in diameter, 9 inches high and aged 24 months, could set you back $2500.

As delectable as it is impressive, the show-stopping wheel of Parmigiano from Parma, Italy, is sure to make a statement of well being at any gathering including at your office party to show your staff who is the boss.

Government cheese anybody?

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