An Important Day for Cancer Survivors: May 4 – Saint Peregrine Day


Danny Longo and his wife, Kristin and son Rory are shown standing in front of the St. Peregrine Shrine.

St. Peregrine is the patron saint of persons suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses. Danny Longo and his wife, Kristin and son Rory are shown standing in front of the St. Peregrine Shrine, generously dedicated to Danny by his parents Sal and Carole Longo. Danny has Follicular Lymphoma and as of August of 2016, will be in remission for eight years. The St. Peregrine Shrine has become a sanctuary for many who are dealing with cancer and many other illnesses.

Born in Forli, Italy, as a young man, Peregrine encountered St. Philip Benizi, the head of the Servite order. Peregrine initially opposed the Servite, but soon began to channel his energies into new directions, engaging in good works and eventually joining the Servites in Siena as a priest. Returning to his home town, he founded a new Servite house and became well-known for his devotion to the sick and poor. Later in life, Peregrine developed cancer of the foot. The wound became painful and diseased. All medical treatment failed. The local surgeon determined that amputation of the leg the only course of action. The night before surgery was scheduled, Peregrine prayed to the Lord, asking God to heal him, if it was God’s will to do so. Falling asleep at one point, Peregrine had a vision of the crucified Jesus leaving the cross and touching his cancerous leg. When Peregrine awoke, the wound was healed and his foot and leg, miraculously cured, were saved. He lived another 20 years. Peregrine was canonized in 1726.

The Shrine is located at The Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Martinsville, NJ. A special mass dedicated to Danny’s continuing remission of the cancer will be held on May 4th at 9:00 am. We wish all cancer survivors the strength to continue their fight and offer our prayers for the blessed intercession of St Peregrine.

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