A Welcome to our Staten Island Readers

James-OddoA Message From Staten Island Borough President James Oddo – “The Italian-American community on Staten Island continues to be large and vibrant. It is the largest community of its kind in the country. As a diverse community, we embrace these roots and celebrate them with our families through food and culture. In fact, we are thrilled to be the home of Rome Through Richmond Town, an annual event held on Columbus Day weekend… I’m encouraged that the Italian Tribune is recognizing Staten Island with a regular section on the Island and all we have to offer.”

A Welcome to our Staten Island Readers
For 84 years, The Italian Tribune has woven current event articles and stories that form a connection with our past to our readers, celebrating our Italian-American heritage and culture. With have created our monthly section featuring Staten Island to better serve this vital and important part of our society. It is our hope that the Italian –America clubs and organizations will contact us with their stories and events so we can include them within our Calendar and Travels sections. Heading up our new project for The Italian Tribune’s monthly supplement in Staten Island are brothers – Michael Manna and Carmine Manna, lifelong residents of Staten Island.

As Michael Manna said “We’re pleased and encouraged by the positive response from members of the Italian-American clubs and churches we’ve spoken to. We can now help to give a voice to these organizations to announce their events and expand their membership. We hope that the readers will enjoy our monthly Staten Island supplement. In time The Italian Tribune would like the supplement to be included weekly.”

We are pleased to present to you our history and mission and hope that you will embrace our paper and the values that we share with our readers.

Since 1931, The Italian Tribune has been the largest and most influential Italian-American weekly newspaper in the United States. Published in English, the paper is primarily subscription-based and is mailed across the country every Thursday.

For nearly 30 years, former White House Press Corps photographer Ace Alagna served as Publisher. Following his retirement in 1999, I became publisher of the Italian Tribune. Over the last 16 years, it has been my mission and vision to expand the scope of our paper’s coverage and it has been during my tenure that we have brought in Cronaca Italiana – some of the latest news from Italy, features on Italian history and an expansion of the Food, Wine and Travel section.  Most recently we presented the emperors of the Roman Empire over a 65-week period and a 20-week feature presenting five recipes from each of the 20 regions of Italy.

Joan Alagna continues in her role as the paper’s Managing Editor, a position she has held for more than 35 years. Since 2000, Marion Alagna Fortunato has directed the Food, Wine, Travel and special sections of the paper. Most recently, David Cavaliere has joined the staff as Editor.

The Italian Tribune is cherished by its readers as a connection to the heart of the Italian-American community, as well as to the land of their ancestors. Our newspaper presents a wide variety of interesting topics each week, combining the best qualities of a local publication (such as human interest stories, the popular “Social Events” page, and a weekly calendar of events) with the most exciting elements of major newspapers and magazines (including features on the arts, politics, health issues, sports, travel, fashion, and more). Favorite weekly columns include an editorial piece by the Publisher, the musings of comedian “Uncle” Floyd Vivino, an Italian language lesson and weekly Cronaca describing current events in Italy.

Of course, The Italian Tribune focuses on current events of interest to the Italian-American community. Included are profiles on prominent Italians and Italian-Americans; features on concerts, book signings, lectures and other special events; plus pieces on Italian history and articles on Italian cities, museums, and other cultural sites. In keeping with the continuing effort to keep in touch with our Italian roots, we publish heritage photographs and other items featuring the Italian-Americans who helped to build America. The paper also reports news from many Italian-American civic, service, and social organizations located throughout the country.

While providing a link between several generations of Italian Americans, The Italian Tribune promotes modern thinking and progress while maintaining the “Old World” values and ideals that are the fabric of our community’s collective being. Above all, the newspaper serves as an essential informational and educational resource for all those who share our passion for Italian culture and heritage.

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