A Kinder Surprise – Italian Boy Finds Pill Instead of Toy in Egg

The Italian food police have launched a probe into how a child came to find a Zofenopril tablet inside a Kinder Surprise egg. The boy, from the town of Torrice, in Lazio, found the pill, used to treat hypertension, when he opened the egg. Fortunately, his parents intervened before he could even contemplate eating it and took the egg and its contents to the local police station. An investigation was launched but the police still have no idea who put the pill inside the egg or why, although they now suspect it was placed there deliberately. The sweets’ manufacturer Ferrero said that the chocolate from the batch in question had been manufactured at a plant in the Piedmont town of Alba and that the gift capsule had been assembled in Eastern Europe. To add a further layer of mystery to proceedings, the prescription drug Zofenopril is only available in Italy.

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