A DISGRACE – America’s Worst Mayor

He changed his name from Warren Wilhelm Jr. to Bill de BlasioAlthough silent as to his reasons, most pundits point to his desire to curry favor with Italian Americans, but he has done nothing but harm to our traditions. He is a mass of contradictions who is supposed to lead American’s number one city, instead, he is led around on a leash by his wife. He is America’s worst mayor.  

The New York that survived 9/11 and bounced back stronger than ever is now being brought to its knees. The coronavirus, economic shutdowns, street protests, pillaging, vandalism and escalated gun violence – these are no ordinary hurdles, but they are surmountable if they had courageous leadership. New York City has had great mayors. Its last was Rudy Giuliani. He was followed by Michael Bloomberg, who, although not of the remarkable caliber of Giuliani, was a capable manager who continued to move New York City forward. De Blasio has shown himself to be an altogether different character – that of a dangerous, ineffectual mayor. In short, New York has a buffoon in Gracie Mansion. Incidentally Mr. Mayor, did you know that Archibald Gracie who built the mansion was a slave owner? 

With crises that have piled up like dead leaves, leadership is no where to be found. The problems are many, but the linchpin is the mayor, whose performance grows worse by the day. There is nothing endearing about his act, only a long list of examples of how he follows a Marxist doctrine and continues to destroy New York City. 

With restaurants wanting to know the rules for reopening, de Blasio stalled until the last minute. Their survival was at stake, but he could not be bothered. New York City’s fall school reopening affecting millions has not been decided. When it came to the coronavirus, de Blasio, a harsh critic of Trump’s handling of the pandemic had these statements. On February 13, in an interview he said, “This is something we can handle, but you got to follow some basic rules (although he did not actually state what the rules were). On March 2, de Blasio encouraged New Yorkers in a tweet “to go on with your lives and get out on the town despite Coronavirus.” On March 11, he said he was “telling people to not avoid restaurants, not avoid normal things that people do. … If you’re not sick, you should be going about your life.” When the coronavirus struck New York, he vacillated about closing schools until there was no choice and New York became the center of the pandemic. How many lives did his trademark stupidity style cause? How much economic hardship did this misinformation cause to New York? 

Earlier this month after weeks of “defund the NYPD” demonstrations, de Blasio struck a billion dollars off the police budget saying he was “very comfortable we struck the right balance.” President Trump blasted the move to slash the NYPD’s budget, stating “This will further hurt New York’s Finest and N.Y. security.” He added, “Spend the money fighting crime instead.” 

Since the announcement, gun violence has escalated beyond belief in New York City. Citizens feel threatened for their personal safety. New York City is going to hell in a handbasket and with that, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law last week five bills aimed at handcuffing the police, rather than criminals. NYPD top officials have strongly and repeatedly criticized the legislation and blame the mayor’s actions as contributing to the recent spike in violent crime. On the very same day that de Blasio was placing the police department further behind the eight ball, NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan was struck severely in the head and sent to the hospital during a scuffle with protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge. Several other police officers also suffered injuries. The head of the New York State Troopers union is demanding all state police be removed from the New York City due to the new legislation.  

His anti-police stance while New York City is crumbling shows just where de Blasio’s priorities are, namely furthering his wife Chirlane McCray’s career by placing her to head every new committee formed to look into New York City’s emerging problems. The extremists and far-left must be laughing so hard that they are crying. The rest of New York is just crying.  

Former Mayor Giuliani recently bashed the current mayor, saying the incumbent’s policies have undone the progress the city made under me. Starting in 1994, Rudy Giuliani reversed the wave of crime that had increased in New York for thirty years. 

While de Blasio has no love for the police, apparently the mayor had been told early in his tenure that an increase in the City’s crime could sink his career. While he decriminalized some offenses, he let the NYPD keep the pressure on violent criminals. That is until now. With mobs assaulting the foundation of our nation and terrifying otherwise-sensible people into silence or assent, it is the police have been declared Public Enemy No. 1 in New YorkFar from defending the NYPD, the mayor has done everything in his power to emasculate it! One by one, the anti-crime programs that made New York miraculously safe have been cast aside. 

Giuliani particularly criticized de Blasio for commissioning the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower, as well as showing indulgence toward Black Lives Matter protests at a time when other major events in the city have been canceled. “Black Lives Matter,” Giuliani said, “is an organization run by three Marxists and financed by a convicted terrorist – who I happened to have convicted, who got 58 years in jail and got a corrupt pardon from Bill Clinton. This is not a benign organization …I believe in the course of time it will be shown to be a domestic terrorist organization.” 

De Blasio was sworn into office on January 1, 2014. In his inaugural address, de Blasio reiterated his campaign pledge to address “economic and social inequalities” within the city. His extreme leftist leanings should have been well-known at the time. In 1988, he traveled to Nicaragua during the country’s revolution as an ardent supporter of the ruling socialist government, the Sandinista National Liberation Front, which was opposed by the Reagan administration. New York should have known what it was in for, but has only itself to blame for reelecting di Blasio for a second term in the 2017 elections.  

As should be apparent to anyone with a pulse, the mayor is led around by his wife, Chirlane McCray. In his second month in office, de Blasio named her to chair the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. The fund was to focus on mental health, immigration and youth workforce projects, but for McCray, it was a no-show position. In 2017, she spent a total of 19.5 hours of work on the project during the entire year. In November 2015, McCray led the launch of ThriveNYC, a plan to overhaul the city’s mental health and substance abuse services. It has drawn harsh criticism over mismanagement and has failed to produce records of tangible results. Additionally, as of March 2019, nearly $850 million in funding for McCray’s mental health program was unaccounted for and she said she doesn’t know where it went! Really!! 

Apparently, expecting that nepotism can work if you keep at it, de Blasio appointed McCray in charge of the She Built NYC project in 2018. The project was to select women who helped build New York City and create statues of them throughout the city. The first choice among the voters was Mother Cabrini. McCray simply ignored that and chose for her own selections of Black and transgender figures. Since then, de Blasio has continued to use city resources to boost his wife’s political future (she has expressed interest in running for Brooklyn borough president next year). “How many committees and commissions has he assigned his wife to?” asked a council source, referring to the mayor’s appointment of McCray to head the coronavirus racial inequality task force in April. This was a truly telling statement, since the council is just as dangerous and ineffectual as the mayor. De Blasio was also quick to announce last month that his wife would lead a new Racial Truth and Reconciliation Commission amid fallout over his handling of the George Floyd protests. She will next be placed in charge of whether to remove the Christopher Columbus statue and the renaming of Columbus Circle. It is clear who is wearing the pants in the family. She has failed at every job he has given her. 

In his latest disgraceful move, with the paint not yet dry in front of Trump Tower, de Blasio announced that he has cancelled the San Gennaro Festival, which has been held every year since 1926. The mayor has declared that all festivals in New York City are prohibited at least until October. But he said protests such as Black Lives Matter are permitted. Where is the outrage over this latest pandering maneuver? Where is the pushback from the Italian American community? Where is the pressure by the Catholic Church?  

It is no wonder that Bill de Blasio has earned the title of the nation’Worst Mayor. Please do us a favor Mr. Mayor, change your name back to Warren Wilhelm – we don’t want you as a phony Italian American! 

Will the committee ‘Figli di San Gennaro’ stand up to the Mayor? Will the New York City Columbus Day Parade march down 5th Avenue? It remains to be seen. Rather than a Columbus Parade, it should be called a protest (because de Blasio supports protests) in support of the Great Navigator, so STAND UP for your freedom to march. The mayor should not be allowed to play politics with these legendary Italian American events; in fact, based on his discredit to New York, he should not be allowed to play mayor either.